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Our Workforce talent pool is your answer to competent, casual staffing. Blue and white collar (professional/technical) workers are pre-screened and ready to be
deployed, on-hire, to your project or workplace at a moment’s notice. Short or long term, we manage the payroll and administration so you can focus on your operations.


When you require permanent staff for ongoing employment or long-term projects, we have the recruitment capability to meet your needs. With our large talent pool, our extensive people network and our talent sourcing strategies, we are well equipped to attract and select the best candidates for your purpose. We source locals first, then nationally and internationally as required.


Whilst our Technology recruiters excel at providing quality technical staff on casual or permanent placement, the real expertise of our Technology Services business unit lies in our ability to act as your full service information technology outsource partner.

We work together with our valued clients to solve critical business problems by providing custom IT consulting, service and support.

Our strong team of technical experts have provided IT hardware, support & professional services to some of Australia’s largest and most innovative companies since 2003. Start-ups and industry giants alike come to us when they face IT challenges requiring a partner that’s ‘already been there’ coupled with a long-term ability to scale efficiently.

With a national network of skilled engineers, technicians and support staff, our pay-as-you-need service model enables your organisation to tap into the broadest range of IT resources when and where you need them. We can either fill in critial gaps in your current operations, or support your expansion into new areas.

Our service portfolio covers: 

  • Network Services;
  • Mobility Services;
  • Workplace Services;
  • Big Data Consulting Services;
  • Platform Consulting Services;
  • Data Centre Facilities Consulting Services;
  • Cloud Services;
  • Storage Services; and
  • Turnkey solutions covering -
    • Full-Service Desk Support & Workspace Deployment/Relocation Services;
    • Managed Field Services;
    • Managed Field Maintenance & SLA Warranty Services;
    • Managed Hardware Software Onsite Installation & Deployment Services; and
    • Managed IT on Demand.


In managing global and local workforces, companies face the challenge of attracting, motivating and retaining the best people whilst mitigating employment risks and costs in an environment of ever evolving regulatory and taxation requirements. Celotti Workforce provides complete workforce management including advisory, compliance and administrative services, along with outstanding technology, to seamlessly manage a globally mobile workforce.

Our global mobility services cover:
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation;
  • Visas/work permits;
  • In country support incl. meet and greet and orientations;
  • Accommodation management;
  • Risk management, Insurance and emergency support;
  • Payroll management;
  • Taxation advice and processing;
  • Support technology with client and employee login access; and
  • Development of complete global mobility programs (incl policies and procedures) that are flexible and scalable.


Celotti’s in-house capability coupled with our strong partner programs allows us to offer and integrate the following human resources services for complete workforce management:​

  • Volume recruitment and management of complete project teams
  • Pre-employment and background checking
  • Psychometric assessment 
  • Tailored medical screening
  • WHS Inductions and on-boarding
  • Payrolling (labour-hire and outsourced payroll services)
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation services
  • Global mobility
  • Training and assessment incl. our own internal training programs e.g. Cultural Awareness
  • Apprentices and Trainees (Registered GTO)
  • Graduates and cadets
  • Targeted diversity campaigns (e.g. Indigenous, gender, entry-level/mature-age)
  • International talent sourcing
  • Visa applications and sponsorship
  • HR & IR advice and consulting