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Racks - Aboriginal Employment Program

Through our TRACKS program (Training and Recruiting: giving Aboriginal Careers a Kick Start), we are building strong bonds with local traditional owners and communities throughout regional and remote-Australia. Working alongside our Aboriginal-owned RTO partner, we actively recruit and train within communities, and employ locally wherever possible. Our skilled Aboriginal workers are available on labour-hire or permanent placement. We are committed to the advancement of Aboriginal people through quality job opportunities and career progression.

There are four key components making the TRACKS program a success:


We actively recruit local Aboriginal people in communities around which significant building, infrastructure and resources projects and operations are taking place. Recruiting locally delivers positive outcomes for candidates, communities and our clients.


Our key training partner is an Aboriginal-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation. Through this partnership, we deliver a range of programs and courses that assist in getting our Aboriginal candidates work-ready for specific clients and projects. In our planning, we consider each individual's background, existing skill-set, and work preferences. This ensures that training outcomes are culturally and individually appropriate, and valuable to both client and candidate.

Training offered through the TRACKS program includes:

Pre-employment programs: these are normally at Certificate II level, covering areas such as civil construction, general construction, resources and infrastructure; and can include foundation skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, planning and initiative, occupational health and safety, and work-life balance skills. Can also include language, literacy and numeracy training as needed.

Skills training: developing skills required for specific operational requirements or job roles. Examples are Plant Operator and HR/MR Truck Driver training/licencing, Traffic Management tickets, Land Management certifications and Leadership Development training.

Formal apprenticeships and traineeships: facilitated by our Group Training Provider.


As a labour hire and recruitment agency, we work with host-employer organisations who are equally committed to the advancement of Aboriginal people through the provision of quality job opportunities and career progression. Our team are out in the field talking with new prospective host-employers on a daily basis; working to identify real employment opportunities that will be relevant, interesting and sustainable for our Aboriginal candidates.


Supported by local and federal government departments, partner organisations and industry programs, TRACKS is delivering genuine career pathways for Aboriginal individuals. We are dedicated to maintaining our partnerships and funding streams in order to continue to facilitate the TRACKS program for the benefit of our candidates and our client organisations. Much of the funding we receive is transferable to our client organisations, and we strive to ensure that this continues in order to cement the longevity of the TRACKS program.


Register your interest in joining the TRACKS program by registering with us here. Be sure to select ‘yes’ to indicate you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent, and you’ll automatically be added to our TRACKS talent pool.

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Contact the TRACKS team to discuss how you can benefit from creating real employment and career opportunities for Aboriginal Australians.

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Please note: "Aboriginal" should be read here as including all Australian Indigenous persons. That is, Aboriginal persons, Torres Strait Islanders, and persons of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin.