Brisbane’s New Runway leading to the creation of 7,800 new jobs

06 July 2018 Celotti Workforce

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Brisbane’s New Runway is the largest aviation construction project in Australia.

Work on the site began in 2012 with the major stages of construction now in progress and on track to open in 2020. Once complete, Brisbane will have the best runway system in Australia effectively doubling our current capacity.  

It has been estimated by 2035 the new runway will lead to the creation of 7,800 new jobs and contribute an additional $5 billion in annual economic benefit to the region. 

This new runway is a key piece of infrastructure that will enable the continued growth of Brisbane, the region, and the nation. Furthermore, the new runway will enable Brisbane Airport to better meet the demands of the community it serves, now and for future generations. 

Construction includes:

  • A new runway 3.3kms long, 60m wide, topped with asphalt
  • Up to 12km of taxiways, made of concrete
  • Many kilometers of airside roads, drains, airfield lighting and signage,
  • Navigation aids, including an Instrument Landing System (ILS) and high-intensity lighting at either end of the runway
  • 300ha of landscaping to grass all non-paved areas of the airfield and
  • A four-lane underpass structure.  

Work to improve ground conditions began on site in 2012. The final major stages of construction to build the runway, taxiways and airfield got underway in 2017 as the ground transformation works had performed according to plan. Construction is in on track for the runway to open in 2020.

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