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Training Services

We’re recruiters. We hunt, we gather. Skilled talent that is. But we’re smart, our scent is on the person with the right behaviours, the right attitudes. When the stars align, our person also has the required skills set for the job, but occasionally that’s not the case. Fortunately, skills can be taught. Enter… CELOTTI’s training and assessment division.

CELOTTI partners with various Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to provide training and assessment services for our candidates and clients. Training can be provided independent of, prior to the commencement of, or during the course of employment, depending upon requirements. Apprentices and Trainees can be offered to our clients on permanent placement or labour hire terms. Please contact us for further information.

Tailored Talent Pipelines (TTPs)

For clients or projects where a consistent flow of skilled, work-ready talent is required, CELOTTI is able to design and completely manage a tailored end-to-end recruitment and training program to ensure that a continuous pipeline of work-ready talent is on hand at all times.

Under the program we can offer the following training and assessment services as required:

  • Complete workforce needs analysis;
  • Training/up-skilling of existing staff;
  • Certificate II and III traineeships for new and existing staff;
  • Competency-based training in the range of skills required;
  • Verification of Competences (VOCs) prior to mobilisation;
  • Ongoing support and re-assessments post placement.

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